ATM, Bank Money Machine

This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for the ATM (Bank Money Machine) that savvy world travelers observe.


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Photos ATM, Bank Money Machine

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ATMs are the easiest but -
There are other solutions to have as much money as you need. Granted its not always the best but depending on the area you are going to, how long you will stay, etc and the person you are it does work.
You can take up to 10K cash with you. Depending where you stay you dont need to carry it all around with you once there.
I realize saying 10K will make many people LOL but it is another solution.
You can also have money wired to you and transferred to the local currency at normal exchange rates automatically. Set up at home ahead of time.
Regardless of what system(s) you use always be aware of thieves.


Many people are using to auto-send retirement money to main countries, for 5 dollars. This post is about the rules of ATMs. I have an account with Western Union, which has lowered it fees, and can send money from my laptop.

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