Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for budgeting that savvy world traveler observe.


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I went on one trip where I saved a lot of money, had a 4 star room and very good transportation, etc.
The one caveat was I had to attend a 2 hour sales pitch for shared condos.
I went and signed in and sat in the back. After about 15/20 minutes I then went to the head and never returned.
Nothing was ever said to me so no harm no foul.
If youre not wealthy and want to travel you have to learn how to do it as cheap as possible.

Another way I and friends when much younger went skiing at large resorts we would wear old ski patrol jackets that we bought from a source.
No lift ticket cost and always to the front of the line at many resorts as they all used the same style, color jackets.

Those were the days my friends.


You will indeed be robbed anywhere, and everywhere, Hotel Rooms, Streets, buses, and the safe in the room will be robbed. The rules are to optimize your chances or not, this is what savvy travelers do. The best, and always best solution relies on nobody, zero, knowing where the money is... but to search your body take 100 times less time than to search your room. IF YOU do NOT want robbed, stay at home in your house. But, walking from an ATM machine with a pile of cash at midnight is a suckers punch volunteer.

But, normally if you get robbed in the room, it is because the maid, staff, and friend have entered the room. Ergo, do not let people enter your room, then break the rule, and let only people you 100 percent trust. And, trust me, the only person I trust is my Mom. Never, ever assume that you are safe, and you will make rules to deal with this. In 15 years, and 1000 hotels, I have only been robbed one time in the hotel room. In Luperon, a man climbed the side of the wall, went down two room, climbed on the balcony, and entered at 5:00 am in the room. At the time, I had over 2000 USD in the room taped under a drawer, on the bottom. He only got 80 USD. A person doing something silly does not negate rules.


In the 1980s I drove my vehicle from USA to Central America, where with my Residency I was able to nationalize the Auto Free of Import tax, in those days there were no ATMs (Cajeros)except a few in the large city banks, now 24 Hour Gas Stations along the road in Central America have them! I was carrying nearly $2000 USD, as bank transfers could take weeks in those days, in my shoes, not inside but in false heels that were made by a shoemaker in Mexico Citys Tepito Market, I was taken there by my Aunt from Canada who lived with her French Canadian Husband, manager of a Canadian firm in Mexico, Aunt Miriam went 4 times a week to Market with a Cane lined with lead inside, she was attacked once, the attacker was later found in a Clinic by Police, unable to Father children, called him Cojones Man! Well I was stopped twice in Mexico and robbed at gunpoint by Mexican Federales with badges and mean looking revolvers, they only got $60 US equiv. in Mexican Pesos, as well had a Constancia from Vice President of Mexico, stamps and seals, otherwise would have been shot and car stolen I was later told, I was hit by some very bad guys. Survived. Best hiding place in any room is the ceiling, if you can move any part of it and leave cash taped on top, most hotel rooms are fairly barren with few good hiding places, so dont let anyone in your room you do not trust 100, I also carry a lock and if I can utilize put in on the door when I am out, let staff complain! Life in The Tropics! Happy New Year 2014 to one and all Hobos.

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