Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for clothing that savvy world traveler observe.


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The developed countries often have a random light that goes off, and they will more thoroughly search me. Being arrogant to police is reciprocated with arrogance, I have never really been hassled in my say 8 times around the planet. The people at airports are doing their jobs, and people that feel guilty, that need to feel guilty, often lie, and make up stories. I just do not know, I find it incredibly hard to imagine having problems with custom. They have take the stuff out,and packed it bad, taped is, and been stupid, but never hassled by Airport people. Land borders can be more complicated.

Generally if you are an honest, transparent, open, and see that airport NEED, absolutely most stop terrorist you will not have problems. There is some myopic problem, that some people cannot imagine why they could be searched, it is contempt for people, no humility.

And, again, I have never been hassled, and I traveled around the planet at least 8-10 times.

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