Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for doctors that savvy world traveler observe.


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I agree, there is a tendency for Americans to believe a doctor is a Doctor, there are bad, very bad American doctor. I do not recommend clinic, or private clinics. This is only recommending doctors, and I want the savvy travelers to find the doctor, and inspect him or her. The inspect the facilities, do not trust that a super modern hospital indeed has a super clean doctor.

A person wanting to have medical work in Europe, maybe Germany or UK, but may as well fly home and save all the hassles.

Private or private, choose the doctor, not the company.


I walk into restaurants, kitchens, doctors office, and for sure places of surgery to inspect myself. Never rely on hearsay, and for sure never trust a review, they are gamed. I seldom read reviews on the Internet, they are close to worthless to me. You cannot expect, what you do not inspect.

But, also look at maps, of major problems. EXAMPLE: AIDS is rampant in South Africa, but often less than the USA in the other 53 countries of Africa. There is a race to the bottom to collect AIDS money for poor countries.

I consider South Africa one of the worst places to visit on the planet, with Jamaica. Two places I will avoid until last.

But look here, Peru here is safer than the USA for AIDS.

Then if your dentist is gay, and a drug user, well life got more complicated...


I truly do not trust AID / HIV statistics on the planet. I was on tour of Tibet and could not understand the Mandarin language crap, I walked into the kitchen and pointed at what I wanted to eat. While the others were looking up words, I was finished eating.

Cheap countries do not hide stuff, but as always the educated, and rich do not like people having confidence and walking on in, but you have too, we have no choice. Walk in or walk out.

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