Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for insurance that savvy world traveler observe.

Insurance is pooling funds from a group of people to pay for one person's problem. We buy insurance to stop worrying where the money will come for specific problems. Insurance functions because people who do not use the insurance-pooled funds pay for those who do use the insurance.

U.S. employers and insurance companies do not benefit if you travel abroad. Because coverage for problems outside the USA is inadequate, your costs for problems escalate. Paying for problems overseas is 2-10 times more than if you stayed home.

Travel Insurance

For short-term trips abroad, most travelers have few problems. However, long-term travelers or other people living abroad need to stop relying on their home country’s insurance and try buying insurance at their destination.

For example, if you moved from New York City to Tucson, Arizona, eventually you would change insurance agents. It is not practical to have your insurance company far from your home. The same is true for international travel. It is better to see if you can buy insurance in your destination country.  

Internationally, medical services, doctors, laboratories are medicines are available at locally affordable prices. The average person in more than 200 “less-developed” countries earns around 5-20 USD per day. Do the math! Medical care is quite affordable for Americans and European travelers in most of these countries, even without insurance.

Non-Negotiable Travel Rules for Insurance

1. People without insurance can travel more easily than those with insurance. These people already do not have insurance; therefore, the financial risk is reduced in 200 of the normal countries. (The cost of doctors is often one dollar, and medicines cost about the same as a USA copay.)

2. Having the money to buy a plane ticket to the USA is travel insurance. 85-99 percent of medical problems can be delayed for a couple of days, and you can fly home, get American medical care, and pretend you never left.

3. You can return to the USA when you are very old and go on Medicaid. The less money you have, the more likely you are to be covered.

4. People who use insurance are likely to need insurance. If you are always using insurance, then international travel will be complicated.


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Comments 1


I agree with you that you can live without insurance. But you can often die younger than you may want to without it in the U. S.
Without it here you end up in emergency or free clinics where you are just a number and goodbye, we did all we can do.
A sad but a fact of life and death here.
I had cancer and beat it because I have good insurance, without it I would not be here now.
I know some countries are very good at taking care of people but the U. S. is not one of them if you dont have good insurance.

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