Hotel Keys

This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for key management that savvy world travelers observe.

You never want to stand outside a door fumbling with keys. This is dangerous and tells the world you are soft target, easily robbed. Getting locked out of your home is frustrating; getting locked out of the hotel is a serious problem for travelers.

The hotel key tells you instantly whether the hotel cares about you or just their keys. Understanding the management of a hotel starts when the receptionist hands you the keys to your hotel room.

Hotel Keys

It is amazing how many hotels hang your room key up behind the reception desk, telegraphing to everyone that your room is vacant, that you have left the hotel and your room is ready to be robbed.

This is your home in a foreign land, where you are stranger; all your personal possessions are in your temporary home.

Non-Negotiable Rules for Key Management

1. You need to know who has extra copies of the hotel room key. When you discover how many people actually have access to your hotel room and just how disorganized the average bed and breakfast, boutique hotel or mom-and-pop hotels is, you will be scared into obeying the rules of travel.

Note: a truly good hotel will say, “We have one, but that is none of your business.” This happens in about 1 in 200 hotels, and usually the cleaning lady is sent to grab them. …

2. Carry keys and not combination locks. It seems smart to have a combination lock until you are standing with your luggage outside a hotel trying to adjust your bifocals to see the lock and fumbling the little dials.

Keychain lights

3. Place an LED flashlight device on your key ring because 90-98 percent of the hotels on the planet do not have lights at your door. An alternative is to have a flashlight app on your cell phone.

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I have special pockets sewn into all my pants. This does not work for women if they wear a dress.

Somehow, I believe a woman needs a special over the head side purse, the fanny packs to not look so good on people. I will soon write the rules of money management. You need two layers of work to stop people, and have a bag that you can carry on your front when needed.


Oh yes, do not give up being fashionable, and happy to travel, somehow make the two work. Comfort is feeling natural.

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