Laptop Computers

Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for laptop computers that we, as savvy world travelers, observe.

Information in one's personal computer is is worth a million dollars to that use; it is irreplaceable. Dropping a laptop computer in the airport will destroy most computers; a baby is more durable than a computer. One sip of beer can destroy a laptop computer in seconds, yet even a novice photographer can easily photo many users in public with beer or coffee next to a laptop computer.

Computer users assume we are perfect, that somehow we are exempt from making human errors. Well, there is one thing certain in life: Computers and humans are not perfect.

Laptop Rules

Non-Negotiable Travel Rules for Laptop Computers

1. The computer is cheap; the information is expensive.

2. Drinks are not allowed to fly in the airspace above a computer.

3. Working on a computer in public makes you a target of computer theft.

4. Do not do Windows updates.

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Thanks for all the advise I have been reading lately. I will be retiring to Thailand after December and will need every bit of the advise that you have offered. Thank you so much!



Excellent advice on laptops.

I always carry my laptop in my carry-on backpack and hope that wearing soft comfy sandals will reduce the shock to the laptop when I am walking or on shuttles (standing). Nobody knows I have a laptop unless I take it out. If I take it out (in a restaurant, etc.) I keep my backpack under the table, preferably between my feet. I put the laptop away well before Im going to pay the bill and leave the restaurant, so when I leave, Im just carrying the backpack, no laptop visible. Whenever I go out (my hotel room, wherever...) with my laptop, it is in my pack so it is not apparent that I have one.

I like to pack my laptop in my daypack when leaving my hotel room if I dont feel the hotel security/room locks are secure.

However, even when going to a Net Cafe to check my mail, I hesitate to take out and use my laptop. I have PortableApps installed on a USB Thumbdrive, so I can just insert that into the Net Cafe computer and run the required PortableApp (like my favorite browser)from it, so NOTHING, (no information/passwords/files for printing) is ever stored on the Net Cafe computer.

What are your travel tips for the new generation of smaller, new tech like smart phones and e-book readers, etc.?

(Frankly, I am still a bit of a tech dinosaur, as I like the full keyboard and the laptop screen for emails and web-surfing.)


I will be writing rule of travel for smartphones soon.



Maybe I will have a smart phone by then...but dont hold your breath...

BTW: It is not a wireless world yet.

Do you have the 10 rules for traveling to various power zones, the key power cords, plugs and adapters needed to cover the yet-to-be developed countries?

Cheers, Tim




looks worth investigating and implementing

I had a bad experience with linux about 10 years ago

Seems like things have changed for the better

Cheers, Tim

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