Lovers Abroad

Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for lovers abroad that we, as savvy world travelers, observe.

In an honest and intimate moment, even the most jaded human admits he or she wants to love and be loved.

It pains me to listen to couples, mothers, fathers, friends and family, brothers and sisters, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and every other combination of frail humanity neglect, belittle and often mock love, as if people are stupid to not already be married with children, living happily ever after in the suburbs.

One minute humans are macho, as if talking about love is taboo, and then they spend 5-10 hours per day searching for friendship and making friends, the little brother of love. 

These rules on lovers abroad focus on how to stay out of the cliché, stereotypical lover dilemmas of fellow travelers. This is with the hope that we can all find love without setting ourselves up for heartbreak.

Lovers Abroad

Friends and family often encourage you to beat a dead horse, stay in the same location, and never find a mate, friend or someone else to love you and for you to love. After a few years of trying, there comes a time for change – and the sooner the better.

There is a country, a place, a location on the planet where another person dreams of finding a person just like you. Do not allow yourself or your friends to denigrate your hopes, as if all love is about money. Even in the USA, people marry for a bundle of reasons, such as having a good job, social status or education. Yes, we must make ourselves loveable by having a lot to bring to the relationship.

Note, I hope, and dream that everyone breaks all these rules below, yet still finds love in all the wrong places, but with all the right people. Love really seems to be an endless belief in serendipitous good fortune.

Non-Negotiable Travel Rules for Lovers Abroad

1. Do not talk with people who mock you about who you love, how you love, or where you love.

2. We can travel to countries where lovers are easy to find.

3. The first one to marry is the one who says they will never marry.

4. Do not send money by Western Union.

5. Take a photo of your lover’s identification card.

6. Meet your lover’s family on the second date

7. Find lovers with jobs.

8. Do not buy a house for his or her family.

9. Do not date the tour guide.

10. The story starts with your lover saying, “I need money for….”

11. Say you love them, and pay to prove it.


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Comments 2


Only rule I have broken and happy to have done so is number 9. We had a great time sightseeing often.


Broke most of the rules, but still ended up with a Happy Ending )

Chuck WoW

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