Money in Cash

Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for money in cash that savvy world traveler observe.

The banks, credit unions, airlines – anybody and everybody – wants us to stop using cash money. And many people freely admit, “I am no good at math.” Cash makes them nervous.

Sadaam Dinars

Cash is simple: When you spend money, the cash leaves your pocket, and what remains is how much money you have left to spend. 

These cash money rules make the math simple, empowering travelers to stop ranting:

– "The hotel cheated us."

– "The airline cheated us."

– "The credit card company cheated us."

In this blog article, we are not explaining the reasons, the "whys" for cash money rules. The whys can be confusing, but experienced travelers have learned them the hard way: We lost money, were cheated, robbed, scammed ... and on and on.

Avoid our mistakes! Obeying the rules is easy and will stop you from being cheated, help you budget, and keep your travel simple.

Non-Negotiable Travel Rules for Money in Cash

1. People with correct change in their pockets are clever.

2. Opening a wallet full of cash or credit cards in front of people makes you a target of crime.

3. Cash stops unexpected travel costs.

3. A 10 USD bill in 200 countries is a day’s pay.

5. Carry only the cash you wish to spend today.

6. Never carry a wallet in your back pocket.

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