Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for taxis that we, as savvy world travelers, observe.

One day, we will all become too old to drive a car, and taxis are a great alternative. But the average American or European will say, “They are too expensive to use.”

As world travelers, we often take 2-10 taxi trips per day, costing on average 0.50-1.00 USD per trip.

I hope every person on the planet one day lives in a city with cheap taxis.

Bangkok Taxi

Non-Negotiable Travel Rules for Taxis

1. The best taxi driver is also the best tour guide.

2. Taxi drivers are city maps in disguise.

3. Taxis are safer than driving a rental car.

4. Taxis will not drive you into dangerous neighborhoods.

5. Taxi drivers do not have change for money for a reason.

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Kangpopi, I will add that to the upper list, and put your profile as credit. My hope is exhaust the rules for each topic, whereby common sense travel gets a grand foothold. Most people arrive and depart a destination, the enjoyment of the journey is vastly different.


I got rid of my vehicle back in 2002, more costly than a baby and not as charming! Here in El Salvador I am fortunate to have several friends with vehicles and occasionally go out at night or late afternoons with them, only take taxis if I am alone late night and try to flag down older taxis with older drivers, young drivers with brand new taxis will not bargain down, I could care less as long as I get safely to my destination.


Kangpopi has a point, here in El Salvador one must negociate price before getting in, in Costa Rica most taxis have working Meters but one must tell the driver to put down the flag Ponga la Maria! or the price on arrival will be at least 50 more than you pay on Meter, being a Cabbie anywhere is not an easy job, if staying in one place for awhile that has spotty public transportation, ask locals for a good honest cabbie, I drove a few Months in NYC until I got robbed at knifepoint, 12 hour shifts, Cabbies here do not carry change for a reason, they hide their big bills over $10, so as not to flash cash and be robbed.

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