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Rules may be broken, but first know them. This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for tour guides that savvy world traveler observe.

There are many kinds of travel tours, but normally, the best tour guide is one from your home country, working in partnership with people in the destination country.

Often, many tour companies share the same tourist attraction or destination, yet the quality of their tour can vary quite a bit. And the actual tour guides can be 100 percent different: One can know everything and the next one is on his or her first day on the job. Ultimately, the difference between bad and great tours is the result of one person.

Tibet Tour

Non-Negotiable Travel Rules for Tour Guides

1. Check the guide’s language skills before you pay. Just because they say the tour guide speaks English does not mean he or she does.

2. Buying a tour online normally costs 2-10 times more.

3. Good tour companies’ guides have published YouTube videos about the tours.

4. Private, guided tours are 3-5 times more dangerous than group tours.

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