Hotels That Are Unacceptable

This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for unacceptable hotels that savvy world travelers observe.

Living in a hotel room is the same as home ownership: Our hotel room is really our home away from home. So we must apply the same rules as our home to a hotel room. And the management of the hotel must give us our rights as homeowners: no searches, no entry and good neighbors.

How you live in a hotel is not a review of the hotel. It is a revelation about who you are and how you live.

Chicken 10 in Hotel

Please note that dirty, disorganized and improperly furnished hotel rooms are the cheaper rooms on the planet. Hotels are somewhere on a continuum between super clean to outlandishly dirty, and in the final analysis, hotels on the planet are, “what you see is what you get." So, we need to inspect a room before we agree to live there. Most hotel rooms can be transformed into top-notch hotels easily if we accept that we are responsible for how we live.

Each hotel room is our new, temporary home, and the rules of home apply, so cleaning and improving the room shows who we are and how we live at home. Many guests enter hotel rooms and treat them differently than their homes, living as brutes.The hotel and the room need to be treated as our home.

Everything on the lists below reveal the personal qualities of the owner, manager and staff of the hotel.

Non-Negotiable: These Are Unacceptable Hotels

This list of things are those you cannot change about a hotel, and by refusing to accept them, we can easily improve the quality of our world travels tenfold.

1. Hotels that allow bad hotel guests, our neighbors, to violate our rights of privacy, quiet and respect are always unacceptable. This is why a family owned hotel, with the owners living in the hotel, is normally the best choice for world travelers.

2. Management cannot enter a hotel room without your permission. Many hotels believe they have the right to inspect your room when you are away, and this is the way 90 percent of hotel theft occurs. Your room is your home, and your right to privacy and security must not be violated.

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Comments 3


I know there are bad guest, that destroy rooms. And it is not negotiable, I recommend people move out of any hotel where the management is entering without permission. It the only safe way to live in a hotel. I have live in over 1000 hotels, and yes, managers enter the room when I am there, it is easy to do, if the management is managing the hotel. Good management knows who is in their room, and who is out.


I often show the owners my room, in the hope of explaining problems that are easily fixed for all of the room. It seems that owners, and managers seldom sleep in the hotel room, or they would know there were many small problems, that cost nothing, or almost nothing to solve. Most of the advisable rules here are a result of the management never checking the cleaning staff.


Thanks for warning us about Motel 6s policy of unsolicited inspection. Id do my best to avoid Motel 6 in my travels through USA.

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