Hotel Windows

This is a checklist of 10 travel rules for hotel windows that savvy world travelers observe.

Most tourist hotels have air conditioning, and often guests cannot open the windows. This is easier for the hotel, but conditioned air, which has been cooled or heated, is not paradise. Fresh air is always the best choice. Remember these rules about hotel rooms, and you will always have the hotel room with the best windows.

Hotel Windows

Non-Negotiable Rules

1. People should not be able to walk up to the window, put their hands through the window, and reach inside to unlock the door.

2. We need at least one window in a hotel room to provide fresh air. Often, people in air-conditioned rooms feel weak and sick.

3. People walking by our window should not be able to reach in and take things from the room, for example, being able to steal your camera from atop a table by the window.

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